Faithview Group is a property development company with an in-depth experience in development of land and buildings for commercial and residential use. We undertake residential, commercial, high rise building, hotel and office towers developments in rural and urban locations primarily in the historical city of Malacca and regional markets of Malaysia.

At Faithview Group, we provide high quality, well balanced and progressive working environment with ample amenities and high level of sustainability.

Our key strengths are our wide experience and flexibility; we possess the rare expertise in a wide range of commercial, residential and mixed use property solutions in carrying out extensive and successful development portfolio.

We oversee all our projects in house, which allows us to maintain close attention to detail. This has given us a reputation for providing high quality property for prospecting clients.

We are committed to deliverability and making long-term contribution to the communities with whom we engage in.

We work effectively in partnership with developers, government authorities, landowners, tenants and funding partners, both in the private and public sectors. We place great value in integrity, professionalism, hard work for all our projects.

With a burning passion for perfection and a commitment to excellence in all areas of construction, design and service, Faithview Group is leading the way for property development, providing its clients and communities with quality properties for a secure and profitable investment.