At Faithview Group, we believe in striking a balance between profitability and our social responsibility to the communities in which we operate.

As with our businesses, we apply passion, innovation and our unique capabilities to transform our corporate responsibility vision into reality. To inculcate the spirit of caring and sharing, Faithview Group has always encouraged its staff to share their skills and talents in service of others by contributing their time and energy voluntarily towards the Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. Charity projects, fund-raising events and donations have been an ongoing aspect of operations as a social commitment.

Faithview Group’ CSR focus is aligned towards developing a sustainable future through shared value creation, within the pillars of Community, Education and Environment -– all of which aim to contribute towards nation building, whilst making a positive impact to target beneficiaries, the environment and the community.


Supporting Community Development and Advocating Human Rights, Equality and Fairness
We look at positive investments by engaging with communities where the Group has direct impact and where stakeholders may have an influence on operations. Our Core areas of development are: alleviation of poverty, delivery of basic healthcare, disaster relief aid, engagement through charitable contribution


Developing and Advancing Human Capital Through Educational Opportunities
We believe that education is an integral component in empowering the young to become responsible and charismatic leaders of tomorrow. In achieving this, the Group‘s education assistance consisting of subsidies and donations to the needy and deserving students, providing support to primary, secondary, university and also post graduates students for the advancement of education.


Protecting the Environment Through Development Projects
As a reputable and responsible property developer, Faithview Group seeks to address and manage environmental issues at every stage throughout the life cycle of our developments – from the design of our projects to their construction, renovation and eventual deconstruction.
With the aim of incorporating environmental awareness both internally as well as within our communities, we organise community outreach programmed focusing on the environment’.