Message from Managing Director

Real estate industry plays a significant role as a growth engine in the economic. Faithview Group as one of the largest developers in Malacca has enabled rapid growth for the state. Therefore Faithview Group with its in-depth knowledge and experience as a prime developer have leveraged its resources to undertake residential, commercial, hotel, office tower, and mixed use developments in rural and urban locations primarily in the historical city of Melaka. Within 6 years’ time, Faithview Group have successfully grown to having around 30 subsidiaries and completed innumerable projects related to wide variety of the commercial, residential, high rise building and hotel.

Warmest regards from Faithview Group

With the rapid business expansion within a short period of time, Faithview Group has acquired a remarkable reputation for its building achievements, it can be found throughout Malacca city and whole of Malaysia. At Faithview Group, we provide high quality, well balanced and progressive working environments with ample amenities and high levels of sustainability. We oversee all our projects in house, which allows us to maintain close attention to detail. This given us reputation for providing high quality property. We are committed to deliverability and making a long-term contribution to the communities with who we are active.

As the managing director of Faithview Group, other than the interests of shareholders, employees’ welfare is one of the most important aspects that must I concern. For me, employees are the most important asset of the company. I believe that employees play an important role to determine the success or failure of the company. Through the corporation from the management teams, within 4 years’ time, Faithview Group was awarded SME Recognition Award 2011 – SME Young Entrepreneur Award, Golden Bull Award 2012 and SME Recognition Award 2012 – SME Rising Star Award.

We always ensure that our companies contribute to society by being the first to make real estate’s meet the needs of a new era for consumers. We always looking for expansion of our business base and is willing to utilize our company’s unique, innovative technologies to contribute to the needs of the communities throughout the world, keeping global economics sustainable and developing research impossibilities into reality.

“I wish to thank the management and staffs for their continued dedication and untiring
efforts to expand our Group. I wish to thank also our customers, vendors, business
associates and the various statutory and government bodies which have facilitated our Group.
We promise to provide the best to you in the past, present and future!”


Managing Director, Faithview Group